It’s about to go down

I’m finalizing my book called The Online Start-up.
I’ve been fortunate enough to launch three successful online businesses with very limited resources. In this book I tell all on how you can get a lot of stuff done, learn what you need to know & strategize for the future.

You can expect:
  • All the tools I used
  • Where I learned what I learned
  • All the intel I got from my mentors

About me

My passion is digital.
My passion are my clients.
My passion is for the long haul.

I‘m a Belgian serial entrepreneur in the business of empowering scale-ups. I started my first company at the age of 18 and during my time as digital strategist had the privilege of working for brands like Bavaria, Auping, Estée Lauder, Van Lanschot & Unilever.

My business’ secret sauce? Clarity of vision, clarity of intent & purpose.

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