From a talk about reality check management to location hunting for pop-ups, last week was the BOMB! Don’t take that too literally, but I can promise you one thing, there’s a tutu bomb about to explode in the Benelux & that makes me super happy. Crazy weeks ahead for sure.

We’re opening up shop in Holland this month and that is oh-so-super-exciting. Yes, indeed, I’m not passing by, but boinking by of excitement. It scares the hell out of me, but I’m welcoming it with open arms.

The picture above is how we felt last week, but actually it stands far from what I believe hard working is. Sometimes you have to work harder than an ugly stripper. Other times it’s ok to be efficient & be home by 2pm. As long as your work is done, right?

Talking about strippers. You don’t want to strip too much of your hard earned cashflow to refunds (or on strippers for that matter ;)). Find more on our super low refund rate below.

On Friday I passed by KDG College in Antwerp to talk to marketing students. I tried to make a good combo of starting up online and reality check management. I truly hate it when people don’t follow e-mail etiquette for example. -In come- almost every intern I ever worked with. :/ But, as you expected, there’s a tool for that. Having issues with addressing people the right way? Check out Crystalknows below. Quite impressive how well the tools knows your network and God forbid, you!

Next week

I’m talking at Made in Antwerp Live in 2 days and I’m super excited.
Yet again. 😉
I’ll share the presentation next Monday and some tips to kickstart your company’s digital transformation.

I hope you enjoy this week’s newsletter, feedback is very much appreciated & always welcome!

Lots of Love,