30, what a number. Exactly what I’m turning this year too.

Funny thing is I never really had anything with age. I understand we need something to calculate how long you’ve been on this planet & not to forget the amount of candles we need to put on your birthday cake, but I’ve met 25 year olds who are more grown up than 50 year olds and I met 60 year olds with the spirit of a 16 year old. I’ve met 12 year olds whom are ready to drive & 40 year olds that should be banned from cars forever, even as passengers.

It all depends on experience.
And let that be exactly what I wanted to talk about!


We’re closing our first year with The Tutu Shop & that comes with a lot of questions. There’s a huge part of me that’s bloating of proudness of what we’ve accomplished & than there’s the other half wanting to figure out how we can become a leaner, meaner, tutu’er machiner! :p

Now, as an entrepreneur there’s a big trap when it comes to new ideas. First of all, you’re on a high speed train. And let’s be very clear, not everybody is on the train with you.

I don’t really feel the need to stop at every stop. Yes, even if the itinerary says I’ll stop there, I still have the need to not stop there sometimes.

And if I do, because I promised to, it’s probably a 5 second stop. Just to prove I can bring the train to stop & then add all the power necessary so I hopefully not lose any time doing so.

Do you sometimes notice that you get irritated by someone walking in with an idea? And you’re all

“Does this person not have any idea how much is on my plate already???” 

Or the other way around.

“UGH! Why do people always have to ask such practical questions when I share an idea?!! It’s just an idea, let’s brainstorm!”

Well, if you recognize this, it’s probably an interesting idea to do this free MBTI test. And have the rest of your team do one too. If you have some money left, invest in yourself & in your team for an insights test. And if you’re experiencing this more on a board level, don’t forget to check out this one.

Long story short, I’m happy I’ve done these tests with our team, because today we decided to make quite an exiting switch in our strategy & I believe we’re all ready for it because we are working the train together, including the necessary stops.

And with those words, I guess our Monday train has arrived!
Time to Rock ’n Roll baby!

Go get’em’

PS / Get inspired by this amazing work of social media art