Last week was the bomb. And today, I’m on the trip of my dreams. Tony RobbinsWarren Rustand, leadership academies & technology free full immersion stuff. All to get me out of my comfort zone! And I can’t wait.

I’m very much looking forward to working on some things I’ve been struggling with. And, I really need to finish my book. One of my goals is to be a published author before 30. The clock is ticking, I have about 5 months to go.

It’s the first time in years I feel comfortable leaving work. Finally getting to that inbox zero strategy I’m mentioning below is definitely one of the reasons that that is the case. Now, we’re all talking work/life balance these days; a discussion I try to avoid, mostly because I really love working and I really love living too..

But, then I remember this quote by Ebay’s previous CEO in that great book I introduced a few weeks ago.

He says: “How are we talking work/life balance? Balance means you have 2 weights on each side, whilst, let’s be honest. Are they even on the same scale at all?”

AND I LOVE THAT. Because, they’re not. You only live once. Yep, just YOLO’d you there.
And actually it’s quite obvious.
Time is non-refundable. We need to use it with intention.

Being productive with your time is probably one of the first steps.
My 3 productivity tools?

  1. Todoist
    I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again. It’s a cross device to do app & I’ve never seen anything like it. Once you’re up & running the people around you start running because you’re productivity rate will be through the roof.
  2. Headspace or Calm
    Standing still in this day & age is super important. If you can’t take the time to meditate 10 minutes you should probably do it for 2 hours.
  3. Inbox zero
    Aaaaaaah, empty inboxes all over the place. Empty messages on your phone, archived conversations on WhatsApp. The peace of mind is incredible.

I can’t wait to share my learnings next week. 🙂
Go make yourself proud!!!