I‘m a Belgian serial entrepreneur in the business of empowering scale-ups. I started my first company at the age of 18 and during my time as digital strategist had the privilege of working for brands like Bavaria, Auping, Estée Lauder, Van Lanschot & Unilever.

My business’ secret sauce? Clarity of vision, clarity of intent & purpose.

I was 18 when I read Timothy Ferriss’s The Four Hour Work Week.
Shortly after I started my first e-commerce business, a niche website specialized in piloting material that was made in India & designed in Australia. After a while, people started asking me if I could give them the contact information of the people who built the site.

And I thought, why not become the middle woman?

Within a few months, I was doing digital project management.
Agencies would send me their .psd files & I would manage offshore teams to make them work.

After 2 years of running against the wall with my head, I got the opportunity to become a digital project manager consultant, which moved into client service direction & digital transformation specializing in multi-national family held companies.

This picture was taken on the 26th of May 2018 – 100 girls & women are waiting in line for the opening of our new store in Antwerp, Belgium.

The Tutu Shop

In 2016 I was invited to a bachelorette in Dubai. I was looking for a cool outfit, that was colorful, feminine & foremost shareable! The idea of a tutu came in the picture. Finding one was a different story.

After finding tutus in a small store in Amsterdam and letting all the girls shine in one, we had over 2000 likes and 300 comments on a picture we posted on social media.

2 weeks later I wore my tutu again at a party & over 15 women asked me where I got it. After the 4th I asked for her e-mail address & told them I’d launch my webshop in a few weeks. Said & done I launched
www.tutu-shop.com and within 4 hours after go-live our first tutu was sold.

The Tutu Shop is re-opening with a new owner soon.

What you need to know about me?

I’m an upbeat digital native/strategist. I believe in strong branding—so strong that no matter how the consumer comes in contact with the brand, it triggers the same emotion.

The things I love most about my business is making sure my clients & teams are smiling throughout. New Business Development for inbound sales energizes me to no end and since I’m a sworn digital strategist, I scope the latest trends and wrap myself in research, seeking a tailored fit with existing channels … and I like-times-infinity exploring new startup ideas.

As for relationships, I seek the long-term variety. It gives me the chance to fully understand needs. Even though digital is where things change hourly, I’m a big believer in long-term strategies.

But, I can’t deny that what makes me the happiest is working on my foundation.

My foundation? Yes! 

The Be Alice Foundation
A confidence campus around the world.

With the Be Alice Foundation, we’re about to launch 2 books and organize Confidence programs.

The Books

Confidence is a habit & The Online start-up are both designed & written to empower people to find their confidence in everyday life or even find the confidence to start their own business.

The Online Start-up is based on the weekly newsletters  I send out to my network on how to get you going online in an affordable way.

The Programs

We invite schools to our office & explain to them what the digital business is about and the ups and downs of being a start-up in the middle of the curve.

A few weeks ago we had our first test run with a class of 25 that all voluntarily joined in on our very first “Confidence is a habit morning” at 6 am.

We guided a meditation, talked about clarity of intent, purpose, vision, creating lasting healthy habits and how doing so completely changed my life in the past years. We talked about finding your talent, following your intuition & figuring out how you can find your very own purpose & why.

From summer 2019 on The Be Alice Foundation will be launching Confidence Camps for that combine play, values, creating lasting habits & finance to find your why & step into a place of confidence.

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