One of the books I mentioned in my upcoming reading list was The Surrender Experiment by Michael A. Singer.

I haven’t ever in my life read a book this quickly, it felt like binge-watching House of Cards.
Michael is not only one of the most integer humans on the face of this earth, but also founded a company that ended up being worth billions & going public, whilst at all times staying true to himself.

Read next

Good Authority

by Jonathan Raymond

In this compelling new book, Jonathan offers an alternative, a way off the “I can’t find good people” merry go round, by inviting you to embrace a radically personal approach to attracting, retaining and developing top talent. With 34% of the workforce now freelancing in one form or another, the options are clear. Organizational leaders must find a way to offer people something they can’t get by going out on their own other than a steady paycheck.


The Daily Stoic

by Ryan Holiday

Modern readers praise Stoic philosophy for its unique blend of practicality and wisdom. But it’s admittedly hard for the average reader to decipher the Dover Thrift edition of Marcus Aurelius’ work. The antiquated, needlessly formal language of most modern translations is stripped down in this book, revealing powerful aphorisms that cut straight to the heart of our day-to-day challenges.


Scaling Up

by Verne Harnish

I forget to clearly describe to others what “DONE” looks like for me. And now, I finally realized this is equal to wasting precious time. After reading The Rockefeller Habits by Verne Harnish I’m trying to use D.O.D (Definition Of Done) every time I receive a new task & every time I send one out. It’s as simple as […]