I specialize in connective growth. I co-create space, strategy,  and content for newer and more genuine versions of people and organizations to arise. 

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Tough Love & Asking the Hard Questions

When you want to grow your organization, it's of vital essence to get the basics right. When asking 10 people what your brand stands for and its  strategy, you'll get 10 different answers. 

To get people on the same page, you need that page to start with. 

I provide and write a one-to-two pager that is easy to remember and covers your company's raison d’être, why, values, how, and what. 

Facilitating Growth with a High-Energy Impulse 

I guide executive boards, c-level, and leadership teams to find answers and each other again. 

Experience with personal growth development methodologies and design thinking skills allow me to hold space for breakthroughs.

Previous work includes: post-acquisition integration, commercial due diligence, innovation tracks, ideation, business model iteration & leadership sessions for groups at conferences. 

Creating your Content Strategy Playbook

Now you know who you are, what you stand for, and what you want to achieve. You need the right strategy for the content you put out. 

I help find companies' & people's voices on and offline and make sure their window is dressed accordingly.

Deliverables: Communication Strategy and/or Social Media Strategy, including content pillars, target groups, channel mix, strategic content planning, and culture-fit governance.

Hey there!


When you've arrived on this website, you might have concluded that it's time to stop throwing spaghetti against the wall, hoping that it sticks.

What if you truly understood your (future) customer? 
And what if your (future) customer truly understood you? 

Genuine relationships require real effort. I help companies understand why they exist and why people decide to work for or buy from them. My job is to inspire, strategize, facilitate & co-create. 

From that place of authenticity, we set up a growth plan and build the content you need with culture-fit governance. So next time you throw something out there, you know it will stick. 

Future-proof brands and organizations are authentic and can connect and relate. It's time to stop hoping, and start knowing.

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"Isabelle, you fuckin' rock! Thank you for coming to Athens and speaking. You were great. I really enjoyed working and spending time with you. Several people came up to me and said what incredible energy and value you gave them...and it's not surprising. You inspire me just by being around you. Thank you."

PJ Brady 
Entrepreneurs Organisation Presidents Meeting Athens

"Het was een zeer sterke getuigenis, met een ijzersterke praktijkcase. Ook een zeer open en kwetsbare getuigenis waarin de mogelijke valkuilen voor een ondernemer duidelijk naar voren kwamen. Er waren heel wat herkenbare elementen vanuit mijn eigen bedrijf. De sessie van Isabelle kwam uit het hart!"

Lid Guberna 
Guberna Groeisessies 

For every time on stage I get butterflies of excitement, and since a few years I've learned how to make them fly in formation.

I give 18 minutes to 1,5-hour-long presentations. These three topics are the subjects I present most on. All keynotes are redefined depending on the audience in the room. Tailor-made keynotes are an option.  When booking me for a keynote, please expect a 4-digit investment. 

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Getting all noses in the same direction

A keynote on strategic planning, guts, and preparing for what's true. In this keynote, I talk about company health, culture-fit, attainability, dreams, and reverse engineering. 

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Guts, Strategic Thinking & Creativity. 

A keynote on life, entrepreneurship, and how both failing and succeeding made me the person I am today. 

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Isabelle's Content Playbook 

Content and Growth Strategy - Tools & Trends, thought-provoking cases from across the globe, and a look at my custom-built content strategy blueprint.  

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I love working with smart and interesting people from all walks of life.

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